Friday, April 09, 2010

My weekend in pictures.

I spent last weekend in the suburbs of Philly with family and it was absolutely glorious!  It was relaxed and so very needed.  Sammy and Nick and I drove up with the top down and the radio up!
Art in all forms is very, very important to me.  I am a crafter at heart... and I aspire to be an artist.  I paint a little, I make jewelry in a very basic way. I scrapbook....I knit, I do lots of things (whether i do them well or not) and I love CREATING...
People that are artisans are held high in my eyes.... The fact that they take raw materials and put themselves into those materials, whatever those materials may be, and CREATE something beautiful.  The people that have that eye ....that ability to see a pile of string or scrap metal or paint or food or whatever.... that they can see something and take it and turn it into something wondrous is so amazing.  
Two of my favorite quotes are directly related to who people are in their essence artisans... 

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." 
                                                                                                                                   -Dr. Seuss
But it is a cold, lifeless business when you go to the shops to buy something, which does not represent your life and talent, but a goldsmith’s.
                                                                                     ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
I am so fortunate to have many people in my life that fit that description and I think it's especially fabulous that two of them are married to each other!
This is Eve, she is a Neon Artisan and her talent is astounding.  Her website shows some of her fabulous work... go check it out here.
This is John. He has a very Alton-esque home-brewing system and is a certified beer judge.  By day he does stuff with computers that cause him to fend off family and friends asking for computer help.  
This is me... you remember me, right?
Of all of the pieces in Eve's studio, this is my favorite.  I am a very Girl Power kind of woman. This just screams Girl Power to me!
One of my favorite Girl Power sidekicks is my middle daughter Samantha. I covet her eyelashes.  
This is a shot of the wall in Eve's studio....I just love the color. 
This is uranium fluoresces bright green under black light and Eve created the neon frame to surround the mirror, it's one of my favorite things in their home.

This is just a sort of random shot of John, he was trimming back the grapevine trellis in the yard... I was on a mission to get him an updated shot that he could use on facebook :)
This slammin' skirt belongs to their youngest CeCe.  
I wish I could pull this outfit off because it had my name all over it!
The boy got a mohawk and just look at him! He's growing up SO FAST!

This is another piece in the studio, Eve certainly shares my love of color!
This was just an iphone shot from an upstairs window... this tree had quite a bit of damage from the hard winter we had on the east coast so they trimmed it down quite a bit and left this very sculptural design that is covered in lights.  It is so nice finally seeing green grass and not piles of grey snow.
This is Ani, the Eldest.  She was deeply engrossed in some intricate Sculpey creation and I pryed her attention away for just a moment.  
More of the uranium glass....
And this would be CeCe, the owner of the fabulous tutu . 
 Does this girl have the most beautiful eyes on earth or what!?  She stares straight into your soul :)

Both girls got all fastened up in their seatbelts and we went for a very short but very fun ride in the car with the top down...they just couldn't get over it.  It was a really great day.
Thanks for reading :)


Anonymous said...

Great post, Jennifer, of an obviously fun, happy visit.
Also, I learned something...a 'neon artist' never crossed my wonderful...I'll have to go over and have a look....thanks...

Sarah said...

Best Post... EVER!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen- that green glass in front of Eve's mirror is called Vaseline glass, not uranium glass. The neon may be powdered with uranium, but the depression glass pieces are definitely vaseline (and I gave her a few of the pieces, so I should know!) June

SmallTownGirl said...

I agree- great post. That picture of Ani almost broke my heart- she is just getting so grown up looking in such a short time. Thanks for sharing.

helenkosings said...

SO I've been busy the past year with health stuff...and I haven't been keeping up with you. I just read the last year's worth of posts and am sitting here in floods of tears. I'm so sorry about Phil. I'm happy about Wyatt. You're looking wonderful.

Still using the coffee mug you sent me on a daily basis.