Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hogwarts Unity Blanket

Okay, here's the progress on my Hogwarts unity blanket. One square done and blocking! This one is the Prisoner of Azkaban block for Gryffindor. It looks just like I'd hoped it would. The horizontal stripes had to be done upright, so This piece was done with 5 different balls of yarn. I underestimated the amount of yarn needed, so there are several joins on the back, but since I'm lining this with a fleece blanket, it doesn't matter! Here's square one all wetted up and blocking.
And here is a close up of the cables.
This square done in Lion Brand Wool Ease Worsted on size 6 clover bamboo's.
Colors: Cranberry and Butternut (?) from the stash. I can't even judge if the colors are accurate to the actual yarn because the monitor I'm using is so ready for the trash, I can't even see colors correctly. Just look for the fabulously even stitches!

I'm all out of the cranberry, so I will either do the solid "gold" gryf block next or start on a slytherin block.

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